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Hoar Frost

Last weekend Sophie, Pippin (the dogs) and I took a walk to get a closer look at the hoar frost that had descended on our farm and forest overnight.  It’s so hard to capture.  Generally I see it when the sky is overcast.  One needs to really be on top of things to capture it in sunlight, because just like Frosty the Snowman, sunshine is lethal for hoar frost.

Hoar frost on alder

Frosty fence line

Sophie and Pippin sniffin'

Late January was the 6th Annual Wisconsin Local Food Summit which I help to organize.  200 of us gathered in Delavan, WI to share ideas, learn and be inspired.  I’m beginning to reach the end of my task list post summit and have other important assignments looming, such as: completing a final report for my SARE grant on low input pasture renovation through multi species grazing, find a small flock of wool sheep, and other farm related marketing projects (I won’t even mention the taxes that need to be looked at).

I’ll continue to get out to enjoy our wintery forest, though, and eat from the garden and farm… more on that later.


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