Getting chicks the ‘old-fashioned’ way

I selected our laying flock in part to try to have breeds that are stilling willing to get broody.  Once the weather was reasonable, we kept a ceramic egg in the nest box at all times to encourage broodiness.  One of our Salmon Faverolle hens was the first to become broody.  We have an Araucauna rooster and four Araucauna hens, so we selected the green, pink and pale tan eggs for her to set on.  We moved her and 9 eggs to a pen of her own so she wouldn’t be harassed by the other hens.

Brooding pen

She was extremely diligent and rarely came out of the nest box.

I knew eggs took about 21 days to hatch. I expected the eggs to start hatching on Wednesday, but we got a surprise on Tuesday morning as we enjoyed our breakfast outside on a beautiful morning. At first I thought we were seeing Mama Hen turning her eggs, but then we realized it was a couple little chicks!  She had successfully brooded 8 of the 9 eggs in her clutch.

A brand new peeper warm and cozy

If I had nothing else to do, I would sit and watch this little family all the time! They are just that cute. Mama Hen cluck, cluck, clucks at her group of chicks. I think I watched her training them to follow her around.
And she is really hungry. She can finally refuel after her long vigil.

Chicks are popping up everywhere



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2 responses to “Getting chicks the ‘old-fashioned’ way

  1. Kim

    Ooo, how exciting! I can’t wait to see them. As a bonus, you don’t even have to monitor their temperature. She will!

    • Jane Hansen

      And she is doing a splendid job of caring for them. All I have to do is keep them supplied with food and water.

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