Correction: She’s nine for nine!

We discovered later in the day last week that our hen had actually hatched all nine of the eggs she was setting on.  The rooster must have been serious about his work as well.

Mama hen is a remarkable teacher.  She is clucking instructions all the time.  And, she’s not afraid to dole out a quick peck to the head when one of her little charges gets out of line. 

In a couple weeks we will move the pen, hen and chicks out near the rest of the flock so that they can begin to watch one another and hopefully have an easy introduction back into the flock. 

I can’t tell yet how many hens and roosters I have.  This will, in part, determine which birds we keep as permanent members of our flock. 

Here are a couple more photos:


All nine chicks in evidence

Teacher at work


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