Ram meets Ewes

Very exciting day on the farm.  Virtually everyone got moved.  The wethers are all the way east now and the ewes moved to new digs just west of their previous location.  AND, the ram got his wish and is FINALLY in with the girls, phew!

All goes well and in about 5 months we’ll have a whole band of adorable little lambs running around.

Everybody now has names and I would like to introduce you to the players:

The Boy:



The Lovely Girls:











Now, to explain the names…

I was looking for names of five sisters.  I found some mountains in Asia and the British Isles and these were unpronounceable.  There are always the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice, but it seemed weird to have a ewe with the same name as me (Jane).  I stumbled across these names from the Old Testament and loved the liberated ladies aspect of this story.  To paraphrase, Zelophehad died with no sons to inherit his money.  His daughters, Noah, Mahlah, Tirzah, Micah and Hoglah went to the leadership and managed to get Jewish law changed so that his money could remain in the tribe.  Normally they would have to marry outside of the tribe, but in this case, they were allowed to marry men in the tribe thereby keeping his inheritance within the tribe.  If you would like all the details, have a look at Numbers in the Old Testament.

I had intended to name my rams after Greek or Roman gods, but when I bought Samson, he was already referred to as Sam and a number of his ancestors were also called Sam.  I decided to call him Samson.  I like the Old Testament tie in (Judges) as well.  And, if he would be very gentle after shearing in the spring, that would be a bonus.

My very first feeder lambs happened to be Jacobs, so I’m developing a history of Old Testament themes (Jacob and the spotted sheep – Genesis.)


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