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Shearing Day

Here’s the flock – Before…and…After.  Rain was threatened, so I created a makeshift stall for them in the garage.  It got quite windy, so it was nice to keep the wool from blowing around.  This kept our neighbor Rick, the shearer, happy as well.

IMG_8884 as well


I’m beginning to learn how to skirt fleeces.  I created another makeshift item – a skirting table – to help with the process.  My intention is to build an official skirting table at the right height and large enough to accommodate fleeces as large as our ram’s before the next go round.  The one I’m using now isn’t quite large enough and is tough on my back.



The flock takes up a lot less space now.  They are taking a bit of time to get accustomed to their new look.  They don’t seem to recognize themselves or each other, so far.


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