Our first lamb

Noah was the first of our Coopworth ewes to lamb.  She had this little white ewe lamb at just before midnight last night.  Yes, if she was going to have a sleepless night, I ought to lose some sleep as well, I guess.  Noah was smaller than the other ewes, so I wasn’t surprised that she had a single.


She is a 2 year old ewe and this is her first lamb.  She is being a very attentive mother.  At first, she was reluctant to let the lamb nurse, so I confined them inside a field pen so the lamb wouldn’t wander.  Our melt off from the recent snow has the pastures quite soggy and I didn’t want that little lamb to find a puddle to lay in.

I’m interested in having a multi-color flock and I find it ironic that our charcoal ewe and our silver ram produced this pure white ewe.

We have four more ewes who will be lambing very soon.  I’ll add more pictures as the little ones arrive.


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One response to “Our first lamb

  1. Julie

    Congratulations on your first Ewe!! She’s a beautiful little lamb.

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