Tamarack time has come and gone

My farm is named for the glorious second round of color that we get each year.  The maples, aspen and birches have their blaze of color here near the end of September each year.  Things might be pretty colorless and dismal after that, but we are blessed with the golden hue that the tamaracks (larches) take on a couple weeks later.  Sunshine is rare and eagerly anticipated during this time and when it does shine the golden tamaracks are so bright they are hard to look at.  I put on my sunglasses and gaze away!Image

This photo shows the tamaracks in all their glory.  The foreground includes the sheep fellas on the farm.  The tall dark and handsome guy is Hemlock.  He arrived here from Hidden Valley Farm back in early September.  He will be meeting our ewes Hoglah, Mahlah, Noah, Micah and Tirzah in just a couple weeks.  We’re looking for May lambs so they can comfortably be born and raised on pasture.

As I write this, tonight, we’re in a deep freeze.  I think we had a high of 12 or 13 degrees Fahrenheit today.  And we have 6″ or so of snow on the ground.  Winter is definitely here in a big way.  We did get a good dose of that blessed sunshine today, though.  Lovely to look at from inside, but I did stick my nose out a few times to keep all the critters fed and watered.



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2 responses to “Tamarack time has come and gone

  1. Julie Baum

    Jane, Thanks for the update! The sheep fellas look curious and healthy! You should have a productive lambing season. Scott had an awesome first day hunting. 3 people went hunting and all 3 got deer!! My brother and my neighbor were the others in the party. I’m pretty happy about this, as we didn’t see deer the last 3 weekends we spent in La Valle and was concerned that they might all get skunked. I spent the weekend with Crystal, my neighbor, touring homes in Hudson that were all decorated for Christmas. I know….not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m in the holiday spirit now :). Scott’s parents coming to La Valle next weekend to celebrate a small Thanksgiving with me and Scott. We’ll be in Verona on Thursday. Busy! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and safe travels wherever you go. Love, Julie

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    • Jane Hansen

      Thanks Julie! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

      I’m interested in an update on your knitting projects. I think of you and your newly acquired and quickly mastered hobby often.


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