Winter wonders

Winter wonders

All over the world, the positive side of the ‘polar vortex’ has been expressed by reporting on the ice caves near Bayfield, WI. We, like so many others, managed to sneak away for a visit there to drink in the beauty and awe inspiring formations.



February 19, 2014 · 6:26 pm

5 responses to “Winter wonders

  1. Martha

    Our friends in Denmark said they saw an article on their news about the ice caves!

    Their son Mathias is planning to study at the University of Wisconsin , Madison, next fall.

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    • Jane Hansen

      I am not surprised. I had heard people were visiting there from all over the world.
      I’ll bet you will have company from Denmark for some of the holidays. What fun!

  2. susanne adams

    how wonderful you made it there ! we too, made the trip and had a great time. they say 35,000 people visited in the first month they were open for visitation.

  3. Julie Baum

    Very cool! We hope to get there this weekend!

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