Lamb update

About 10 days ago Noah had twins and about 5 days ago Tirzah had twins (1 ewe, 1 ram) and Hoglah had a big single ram.  We’re currently at a total of 6.  Just waiting for Micah now.


The new lambs spend a couple days in these field jugs to get fully acquainted with their mothers and stay out of the torrential rain, then they are out with the group and the lamb games begin.





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6 responses to “Lamb update

  1. Congrats on all of the new little ones! Looks like a good lambing season at Autumn Larch!

  2. Martha's friend

    Sweet photos. Thanks to all of you for the fun and treats today!

    • Jane Hansen

      You are most welcome. We enjoyed the visit!
      Micah had her twin ewe lambs yesterday morning. So we are now at a full compliment of lambs.

      • Martha's friend

        Wonderful! What color are the newest girls?

      • Jane Hansen

        White. This means we wait another year for Coopworth lambs of color. But I will be picking up a CVM wether this week and he is a lovely grey.

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