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Christmas Cookies – gluten free

I needed cookies for a craft show I participated in recently that had a holiday theme.  I decided the gluten free cookies I prefer for myself would also be welcome to some of the shoppers at the craft show.  A friend who is a big fan of cut out cookies is also beginning an exploration of a life without wheat flour, so we teamed up for an afternoon of baking.  And, how nice, our holiday cookies are already safely stowed in the freezer!

We used the Leo’s Classic Sugar Cookies recipe from my copy of Karen Morgan’s Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free.



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Winter too soon

Fortunately this young fella is well equipped for the winter that started here with a vengeance on Nov. 10th.  We all know wool keeps you warm even when it is wet.  With the snow, then rain, then snow again that occurred during that first winter storm, our sheep had snowballs frozen to their backs that rattled when they moved.  With shelter from the wind and plenty of feed, they are faring well.  The current predictions of a warm up with a little sunshine are welcomed by all of us.ram lamb 11_11_14


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