New Socks, New Skills

0203151834I’m really happy!  I’ve been hoping to pull together a sock class at the Yarn Barn for a while now.  We finally did it!  The students were Sue, Christy, Kathy, Dana and Sharon.  They are pictured here with their works of art.  The only prerequisite for the class was knowing how to knit and to purl.  I used a freely downloadable basic sock pattern from online and divided the 4 sessions to cover: Week 1. mastering double point needles; Week 2. heel flaps; Week 3. turning the heel and creating the gusset; Week 4. grafting the toe.  The students had great senses of humor and made each class really fun.  They all worked diligently at their homework between classes.  Each student left with a pair of socks either done or nearly so and a bunch of new knitting skills.  Perhaps best of all, they had all sorts of ideas for other knitting projects they would like to tackle.

We’re thinking about offering a stranded knitting / fair isle knitting class next and are also looking for suggestions for other projects and classes to offer.



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5 responses to “New Socks, New Skills

  1. Martha Smart

    Beautiful socks and a great skill to learn!

  2. Peggy Straight

    I guess I missed it. Sure sounded like a great idea, and the newly completed socks look great from here.

    I’ll sign up for the next one. 🙂 ps

  3. Susan B.

    I missed it too! Where is the YARN BARN???
    Sounds like so much FUN!

    • Yarn Barn is right there in the center of downtown Phillips WI! We meet there once each month year round for knitting instruction on any project. Next time is 2/24/15 from 5-7pm. Check the calendar on this website for updates.

  4. Love the socks! Working together makes the project filled with laughter and good times – good work! Debbie @ Hearts of the Meadow Farm in WV.

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