Weaving the Great Soil Quilt…

My friend, colleague and fellow farmer at Hilltop Community Farm, Erin Schneider, is convening a collaborative art-making project.  I’m curious about how it will turn out and have agreed to participate.

Erin sent me a square of sturdy, off-white fabric and instructions a few weeks ago.  Here are examples of results: https://parideazafarmart.wordpress.com/collaboration-with-soil/

For my contribution to the effort, I selected what I call the ‘driveway garden’ for ‘planting’ my square of quilt fabric because it has special meaning.  This garden is where we have buried two of our beloved pets – Pencil the cat and Banjo the dog.  Ashes of Pippin the dog are also scattered there in order for him to be near his mentor and leader Banjo.

This garden contains native perennial plants and shrubs and far too many weeds.  My care of the garden in recent years has been less than exemplary.  Digging a hole to bury this quilt square at least takes a small step towards removing some of the weeds.  As I worked, our very helpful laying hens began to take notice.  They cannot keep their feet out of loose soil.  I gave one a big white grub found in the hole.  After burying the fabric, I needed to place a few rocks, in part to mark the location, but also to discourage the scratching of chickens.P1000509 P1000511 P1000512 P1000514

I will be retrieving the fabric in 2-3 weeks and will post additional photos at that point.


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