Lamb update

We’re nothing if not consistent!?  Every year, we breed our ewes to a natural color (non-white) ram.  First two years, every lamb was white, even for our natural colored ewe.  This year, we have 7 lambs so far and they are all dark colored.  I think some are brown and some are black, but I will just have to observe and learn.  This winter when things are quieter, I will have to put some more study into color genetics to understand what is dominant, etc.

P1000546 P1000549a P1000552a


Scout’s new best friend Chaplin

We’re so consistent here that even the cat who happened through and adopted us nearly two weeks ago is also black?!  He is fitting right in.  He is fast friends with the dogs and comfortable with the chickens and the sheep.



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3 responses to “Lamb update

  1. Susan

    Those little black lambs are so cute!
    Can’t wait to hear the findings of “Jane Hansen, Geneticist”!

    • Hi Susan!
      My husband would chuckle to hear me being referred to as any kind of scientist. But, immersion in the natural world through gardening and farming has surely sparked my scientific curiosity much more than the classes in high school ever did.

  2. Lori (Martha's friend)

    Looks like you hit the jackpot this year, Jane. Congratulations! They’re beautiful.

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