Weaving the great soil quilt, continued

Or, Microbial Monet.

I don’t know what I was expecting as I pulled my quilt square out of the ground, but certainly not the intense rose and gray with highlights of yellow that emerged.  How does that happen?

My quilt square was folded as you see here, buried about 1 1/2′ below the soil surface and stayed there 15 days.  It was dry when I buried it, then we had some rain, though not a great deal yet at that point.  More has come since then.

I’ll be sending my square back to Erin shortly and will watch anxiously for news of other squares, other observations and other ideas. Here’s some more background on the project: http://www.hilltopcommunityfarm.org/farm-blog/2015/3/29/let-the-soil-speak

P1000535 P1000536 P1000537 P1000568



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2 responses to “Weaving the great soil quilt, continued

  1. Hi again, May I have permission to share your soil quilt fabric on my blog? I would send the readers to your blog for the whole story, of course. If not, that’s fine too. Thanks, Chris

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