A Playful look at On Farm Physics and Indoor Air Quality

Or, a cautionary tale on Relative Centers of Gravity.


Sweet Sophie – post collision

Who would guess that this little farm hand could become a self propelled projectile able to fell a slowly ambling object more than 5 times her height?


Scout finishes off the spoils

I learned a good lesson that day… Never cheer on and encourage your four legged friends to run and chase unless you are viewing from a safe position.  They came racing through at top speed and reached me just as one foot was leaving the ground and the other was just beginning to touch the ground.

Sophie’s center of gravity won and mine approached the ground at the speed of gravity.  The 14 eggs I was carrying went sailing.  One landed safely in the grass.  The rest were cleaned up before I could regain my feet by these savvy little helpers who were well aware of what nectar the lovely, large, brown gems contained.

They had managed to clean up all but 5 before I could intervene.  And this is where the issue of indoor air quality comes in… If someone in your household consumes their weight in eggs (an exaggeration), be sure to keep them in a well ventilated space until the offending matter has passed through their system… Phew!!

Happily only the eggs were harmed in this encounter.

Being slow to learn and typically needing more than one lesson for things to sink in, I was nearly knocked over one more time recently and this time the projectile was even smaller.  Our cat Chaplin, in mid dog chase, bumped into one of my feet while I walked (again with egg basket in hand) and it was all I could do to maintain my footing.  And save the eggs.


Chaplin – Always willing to help out

These frisky little furry friends sure are entertaining, but must be approached with caution.



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5 responses to “A Playful look at On Farm Physics and Indoor Air Quality

  1. Matt Sherrick

    Jane! We love your updates. Matt & Sheryl Sherrick

  2. Nancy Honadel

    What a well-written great story! Just happy your weren’t hurt, Jane. Sorry about the eggs, though.

  3. Kathryn Simmons

    I love it!

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