4 responses to “Calendar

  1. elizabeth simurdiak

    Do you ever have classes for students just beginning to knit or crochet? My daughter is a 4H student who has not had any instruction but has a desire to learn.

    • Hi Elizabeth! I would love to teach your daughter to knit. In January and February I do the structured set of 4 classes at the Yarn Barn that are for students who already know the basics, but March through December I teach knitting once per month at the Yarn Barn and those sessions are for anyone to come at what ever level (beginner – intermediate). They are on Tuesdays from 4 – 6 PM. I’ll be updating my calendar soon to include the dates for 2016.
      Thanks for asking.

  2. elizabeth simurdiak

    Thanks Jane. Unfortunately, Jenna is busy with spring and fall sports (CC and Track) at the times for your introductory knitting. I do think I have found someone who will teach her how to crochet though.

    • Hopefully we can connect sometime for knitting lessons. I often host our North Central WI Fiber Guild gatherings at my home (3rd Thursdays, 4-6 PM) and am happy to teach knitting during those as well.

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