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Sheep of another Fiber

„TribuT“ by Jean Luc Cornec

My sister-in-law sent me a screenshot of these critters and I was so amazed!  I have an actual flock of sheep of a similar population.  And, I’ve been going through belongings trying to declutter and pare down on possessions and came across the rotary phone I received as a teenager – bright red.

I would imagine, as with roll down windows in a car, most of today’s youngsters would have no idea what to do with these phones.

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Yet another use for a zucchini

Surely this would have been funnier if I had managed to post the photo when coworkers across the nation were tiptoeing through parking lots to leave bags brimming with zucchini in passenger seats; when rural commuters wrote notes on their hands to remind them to lock up their car when they left it to go into work.

Alack, alas, I write now, when we finally have a little rain coming down and the temperature and light levels are dropping and I have to face the pile of inside work because the outside stuff is becoming more difficult and uncomfortable to accomplish.

I assure you, I was watching that fruit in amongst the vines and was certain I was seeing a buttercup squash.  One day, while viewing it from another angle, I realized my error and a new piece of furniture was born – the zucchini doorstop.


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